Kenny Quinn & JoanKENNY QUINN – the most charming Master Pickpocket in Europe is an honest man !

This international and elegant entertainer is a professional pickpocket – and the most gifted of his kind. Kenny Quinn is among the top of specialists within this somewhat quaint profession. He astonishes everyone with his pickpocket abilities and tricks which no one would ever have thought possible. With an unbelievable deftness he manages to remove the most astounding objects from his “victims” – and they never see it coming. Today Kenny Quinn’s show is a mix of sophisticated comedy and verbal humour which all contribute to divert the audience’s attention and thereby makes it possible for this light-fingered artist to pick the pockets of his victims with perfect precision which amazes his victims as well as the audience. This master thief is an excellent judge of character who recognizes the many weaknesses of human beings. He says himself that all his tricks consist of 30 per cent deftness and 70 per cent psychology, a magic combination from which this elegant wizard makes a living and which forms the basis of his exceptional show.

Danish Kenny Quinn was born in 1965 in Oslo, Norway, and was already as a child fascinated by the manipulations of the magic world. His interest in the magic world kept growing and in 1983 when he was 17 years old he was offered training as a Pickpocket Entertainer by the legendary Danish “Alt-Meister”, Gentleman Jack, who initiated him into the noble art of pickpocketing. For a period of two years, Kenny Quinn learned everything worth learning from Gentleman Jack about the secrets of the pickpocket and this unique craft and impressive deftness that would enable him to pick anything out of anyone’s pockets by means of pure Oliver Twist pickpocket tricks. Since 1985, Kenny Quinn – then a mere 20 year old – has made his living from pickpocketing and has ever since entertained as a professional pickpocket in circuses and music halls all over Europe. And contrary to his criminal colleagues he has the disadvantage of everyone knowing from the start what he is up to so that they may be extra alert.

The police and everyone else should be grateful that Kenny Quinn is a completely honest pickpocket who does NOT use his skills and knowledge on the street. Kenny Quinn is the DREAD of the criminal pickpockets because he knows all the tricks of the criminal bag-snatchers and pickpockets and is happy to reveal the tricks and secrets of this profession in order to make life more difficult for his criminal colleagues on the streets.

His knowledge of the criminal pickpockets’ working methods and mentality is so extensive that he has several times been invited to visit police stations all over Europe where he has been giving instructions and demonstrated his special profession to police constables and chief constables. He has also been giving instructions to police probationers at the Danish Police College.

Kenny Quinn is assisted by his lovely and glamorous wife JOAN who is as light-fingered as himself. Since 1988 she has brought her elegance to the show, adding yet another visual element to the amazing show. You better watch out when this charming couple performs. With their swift fingers they can remove even the most amazing items from their “victims” and so elegantly that their “victims” never notice.

Kenny Quinn & Joan are without any doubt the most elegant couple within their profession and luckily they are on the right side of the law. Everything that they steal from their victims is of course returned to the rightful owners, all gentleman-like.