The Show


”The Gentleman & Master Pickpocket KENNY QUINN” is an international top-class, and multi-lingual Pickpocket act from Denmark. As the title suggests his appearance is that of an immaculate Gentleman attired in full evening tail suit, including walking stick, cape, gloves and top hat, assisted by his elegant and glamorous wife JOAN, she adds an extra visual element to this spectacular act.

KENNY QUINN´S presentation and sophisticated style is a ballet of thievery, how and when this feather-light fingered entertainer make’s his sophisticated and flawless STEALS he does it the elegant way, using only verbal misdirection and psychology. Once he has created the illusion of his bizarre skill, he goes into his pickpocket routine with charming chatter and friendly smile. With an amazing personality, he chooses his “Victims” from members of the audience, and produces all manner of things by emptying the pockets of unsuspecting volunteers. Watches, wallets, money, keys, mobile phones, glasses and neckties vanish in front of everyone’s eyes, in an entertaining way with a unique sleight of hand and amazing stealing techniques that keeps audiences enthralled and produces laughter. KENNY QUINN´S victims on stage, really become the stars of this spectacular act in a respectful manner. KENNY QUINN is a true master in his profession, he knows every twist and turn of his craft, his victims include Police Chiefs in most of the countries of Europe, for whom KENNY QUINN has demonstrated the techniques and tricks of his criminal colleagues, combined with his own fine art of classic thievery and manipulative craftiness.

Mystery, Sophisticated Humour, Visual Comedy and Elegant Showmanship, are some of the words, to describe this fascinating and spectacular Pickpocket act. NB:
KENNY QUINN & JOAN return, Gentleman-Like, all the stolen goods to their rightful owners.