Pickpocket Lecture by Europe’s Premier legal specialist for Policemen and Detectives;

Kenny Quinn’s exceptional act also contains a good deal of seriousness as he knows all the criminal tricks for pickpockets and bag snatchers. He is an “OBJECT OF DREAD” to criminals and thieves as he is pleased to reveal the tricks and secrets of their trade to make it harder for his criminal colleagues along the highways and byways.

His knowledge of the work methods and mentality of criminals and thieves is so profound that he has moreover been asked to visit police stations all over Europe where he has taught and demonstrated his remarkable skill to all sorts of detective constables and chief constables on several occasions. The lesson called “With 10 Fingers in other People’s Pockets” lasts approx. 60 min. and gives a fabulous insight into the world of criminal thieves. The lesson includes arranged situations and tricks which are all demonstrated on “live” victims. This lesson is of course also of interest to store detectives, business travellers, tourists etc.

In addition, Kenny Quinn has made himself available to both the electronic and the printed press at home and abroad. The press has sought expert knowledge and preventive advice from him. For instance, they wanted to know how you best protect yourself against criminals and pickpockets in public places. The numerous newspaper articles are usually accompanied by a great deal of pictures and always finish off with many pieces of good advice and tips about how to easily safeguard your property for a fairly small amount of money.

The police and others should be glad that Kenny Quinn is a pickpocket who is as straight as a die and who does NOT use his skills and knowledge in the street, but has chosen show biz as his place of work.

Kenny Quinn


A fascinating demonstration and extremely informative lecture, on the psychology of Pickpockets, for Policemen and Detectives.


Kenny Quinn demonstrates his
light-fingered talents and unique skill to Policemen in all off Europe. During his lecture, he also takes a wrist-watch from the arm of a Policemen right from under there nose.


n the photo above: Police Chief Mr. H. Grasmünck has his pocket picked, and loses his tie to Master Pickpocket Kenny Quinn, at the Heilbronn Police Department in Germany.


Pickpocket lecture for Police Chiefs in Graz; Kenny Quinn gives instructions and demonstrated his “Criminal Colleagues” tricks and Methods to Police Chiefs and Detectives, during a visit to the GRAZ POLICE DEPT. in Austria..


The Chief of Police, Mr. W. Henning, has not noticed that he was stripped of his belongings. As you can see, the fingers of Kenny Quinn are simply too fast ! At Quinn’s lecture on “Criminal Pickpockets” for the Policemen and Detectives of the Kassel Police Headquarters in Germany, Quinn stole the belt of the Police chief himself without his noticing!


Letter from the Police from Heilbronn.

Letter from the Police from Kassel